Affiliate Marketing

When you are running your own affiliate marketing network, a decent payment solution is definitely worth considering. As you are no doubt in the e-commerce field in some way, you will probably be aware of the different payment systems that are around. Chances are that you accept credit card payments directly and if you don’t, you almost certainly accept PayPal. If you are running your own affiliate marketing network, then you have the luxury of being able to use call recorder · to get your company better. There are essentially three options open to you. Bank Transfers
If you have a bank that allows Internet banking, then bank transfers can be a simple option. They are beset with a significant drawback, however, and that is the fees that are involved. While it is often possible to pay someone in the same country as you for free, if you are paying an affiliate marketing network member that lives internationally, the fees are extremely high. Not to mention the fact that bank transfers can take a great deal of time to clear. Domestic transfers are great, international transfers are not worth the trouble. Checks
Checks are a cheaper option than bank transfers for most situations. You send your affiliate marketing network member a check which they can cash in their own time. It is simple enough for affiliate marketing network members in western countries. In some Asian countries, however, it can be a problem. People in Japan have little to no contact with checks and the bank fees involved in cashing them are steep, to the tune of about $40 per check. You can bet any amount of money that if your affiliate marketing network has members in Japan, they will not want to be getting paid by check. PayPal
PayPal has a lot going for it when it comes to paying members of your affiliate marketing network. Fees are relatively low, payments are instant and for moderate amounts of money, it is a better option for your offshore members than a bank transfer.If you are setting up a payment system for your affiliate marketing network, why not offer a full range of choices? Your bigger marketers might be happy with bank transfers. If they are receiving thousands of dollars, those PayPal fees add up. PayPal is great for the average marketer, and there are still some people that like checks. Being flexible with your affiliate marketing network payment system is a great way to keep morale up; everyone likes getting paid.

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